Done Bug Points


So I had 15k Points and I umm, Lost them completely the next day, I hv proof if an admin would friend me on discord so I could show, I need these points, I thought it was a bug and it would go away but no, It didn't go away and I still hv no points, Pls and admin would give them back thanks! If you need proof I can send u my discord thx! :) Zyxnxn#3603 Thats my discord, Also my friend lost his points too, His name is Kwinnite and his points were 20k, Plz help us. Admin that can change points plz reach us, My friends discord is: RB100#6239 plz transfer points back


Hi yeah, I actually spelled that wrong, I had 30k and my friend had 30k sorry, Also can you transfer them back?? Also my pt got switched back, IDK WHAT IS HAPPENING, PLZ HELP AND GET US OUR POINTS BACK PLZ, 30K for Zyxnxn and 30k for Kwinnite, My discord is Zyxnxn#3603, and my friends discord is RB100#6239, I hv proof we have those points from last week, Plz DM us with proof pictures and transfer points back bc IDK WHAT HAPPENED AND I SO MAD, PLZ HELP, Any admin or staff that can transfer points pls do, I need those points and same as my friend thx