YouTuber requirements:


  • about 5000 subscribers on YouTube
  • about 500 views per video
  • about 10000 hits per month
  • actively play on the server
  • at least 2 videos or streams on Twerion
  • actively produce or actively stream videos
  • positive appearance
  • good content on Twerion

We are also actively looking for Community Admins, if you have significantly more subscribers and views than the minimum requirements, you are welcome to apply and make exclusive arrangements with us.

Rights as YouTuber:

  • /nick » Nod to avoid being recognised by players.
  • /start » Start rounds in BedWars so you don't have to wait any longer.
  • Forcemap in BedWars » Choose which map you want to play.
  • 48 hour channel on TeamSpeak » Make your channel something special.
  • Thanos rights » Use all rights of the highest rank on the network.
  • As Youtuber you have 2 additional exclusive chat colours to choose from.
  • As YouTuber you are allowed to advertise your channel 5 times per hour (videos on Twerion!).

If we notice that a YouTuber becomes inactive, it will be removed from the ranking. In your application you should send us at least two links of your videos or streams. Just because someone fulfils the requirements does not mean that they will get the rank. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that exceptions can be made to the requirements, provided that the channel and players have been able to convince us. Should the rights be abused, the rank can be withdrawn.